Elettromeccanica Ancellotti,
leader firm for 40 years in the field of the automatisms for shutters,

windows and garages.

With our firm ELETTROMECCANICA ANCELLOTTI you choose to trust on a firm
present in the automatisms for shutters business for 40 years,
and on the one that first studied and started a mass production of the device that permits the movement.

The firm was born in Gonzaga in 1981
with the aim of realise and produce a device that was able to open or close the window using the electricity,
patented by Ing. Giancarlo Ancellotti.

The experience acquainted by the firm over the years,
has ensured that the production of this automatisms improved and became widely diversified
due to the several needs of the sector.

Nowadays Ancellotti products includes different models,
aimed to the automatism of shutters, windows and garages.

Thanks to the structural flexibility of the firm and to the devices versatility
it's possible to satisfy every kind of exigence adapting them with all the different models,
through a specific study and through factibily tests for every single situation.

The product is made directly inside our firm!

From the project of every single feature at the assembly of the motor,
Ancellotti offers on the market a product completely "made in Italy".

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How to reach us ...

The ANCELLOTTI company is located a few kilometers
from the Pegognaga or Reggiolo-Rolo exit
of the Brennero A22 highway.
It's easily reachable following the indications.

Via Neri, 15 - Zona Ind. Pascoletto
46023 GONZAGA (Mantova) Italy
P. IVA e C.F. 01244170203
Tel. (0376) 58678 - Fax (0376) 528243

Elettromeccanica Ancellotti Ing. Giancarlo - Via Neri, 15 46023 Gonzaga (MN) - Tel 0376 58678 Fax 0376 528243 - info@ancellotti.it