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The SHUTTER-CLOSER S/BG can be easily installed on existing doors, without the need of modifing walls or shutters.

It has been studied for a smooth and regular movement, allowing the complete opening at 180;
in particular cases, you can have two different opening corners of the shutters.

THE CLOSER is made basing itself on the specific width of the door
without toching the whole aesthetic at all.

All these parts create a supporting monoblock solid structure easily installable,
since it needs only one entrance for the electic cables.

Installation under the architrave

THE SHUTTER-CLOSER is made by two motorgears with steel mechanisms exempted from maintenance;
they are internally assembled to an aluminium box extruded pre-painted,
and they form with it a solid structure ready to be installed.

THE SHUTTER-CLOSER has a security mechanic friction that makes the automatism safier against
any kind of tampering; it allows also the manual opening in case of problems with the electricity system of the house.


Shutter-closer S/BG DWG - DXF [ 185 Kb ]

The shutter-closer is customizable for other kinds of shutter and hingers.

For the functioning you can also use commercial accesories or devices
(control unit for two motorgears, receivers, photocells...).

The electro-locks (provided under request),increase the resistence of the closure against any attemp of manual tampering.
There are two solutions: the
G/I (situated inside the aluminium box),
or the
G/E (fixed on the bottom of the shutter).

Hook G/I

Hook G/E


Ancellotti automatisms are extremely integrated in the domotic technologies of the house;

they can also be linked to seamless UPS groups, whenever it was necessary the functioning system even without electricity.


Depliant S/BG

[ 412 Kb ]

Shutter-closer S/BG

[ 185 Kb ]

Technical informations about theS/BG model:

Powered 230 V 50 Hz
Absorption 0,8 A
Couple 80 Nm
Working time for 180 23 sec
Max. couple of irreversibility 150 Nm
Hour service percentage 13%

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