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THE SHUTTER-CLOSER S/L with a lateral fitting
was born between functionality and aesthetic
because it offers a limited bulkiness (60 x 50 mm)
and a great versatility of usage.
This device can be associated to every shutter-closer.

This model is particulary adapted
for arch shutters or with any type of design
because the installation doesn't change the aesthetic.
  Installation on the windowsill

The lathing can be realised
under architrave or on the windowsill;
the related INOX boxes
are fitted inside the window's walls likewise
the gearmotor, that are almost hidden into the wall.

A quiet and regular movement,
with the possibility of stopping the shutters in any position;
it is provided also of a manual move for emergency cases.

Particular installation on the windowsill

The electro-lock G/E (provided under request),
increase the resistence of the closure against any
attemps of manual tampering.

Hook G/E

THE SHUTTER-CLOSER is made by a gearmotor (230 Volt)
with steel mechanisms exempted from maintence,
internally assembled into an aluminium box
extruded pre-painted.

The variable length lever and the sinusoidal runner
allow an easily adaptation to the different types of shutter-closers
and so, to a better functioning.

All the steel components are subjected at an anticorrosive treatment.

The security mechanic friction makes the automatism

safier against tampering and also against big gusts of wind.

For the movement of the shutters you can use one
of this type of control:

- Syncronized with
Control Unit C/C with an automatic

the first one allows you to open and close
the single shutter-closer or
all the automatisms at the same time around the house,
thanks to an electric control;
the Control Unit C/C can be also paired
with the receiver “RX2
and his relative remote controller “TX2”.

- Syncronized with “
Control Unit DP1” with an Hold-to-run functionality;

- Hold-to-run switch (divided in two double buttons).


The Shutter-closer is customizable for the other kinds of shutters and hingers


Ancellotti automatisms are extremely integrated in the domotic technologies of the house;

they can also be linked to seamless UPS groups, whenever it was necessary the functioning system even without electricity.


Depliant S/L

[ 279 Kb ]

Technical informations about S/L model:

Powered 230 V 50 Hz
Absorption 0,45 A
Couple 42 Nm
Working time for 180 13 sec
Max.couple of irreversibility 90 Nm


33 dB

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