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has been studied to move shutters and windows, it was born when aesthetic and fuctionality met
and thanks to his small dimensions, it offers a limited bulkiness and a great versatility of usage.

This model is particulary raccomanded when the space over the window isn't enough,
because of his direct fixage on the shutter.

A quiet and regular movement, with the possibility of stopping the shutters in any position;
it is also provided of a manual move for emergency cases.

  Installation on a door

THE SHUTTER-CLOSER is made by a gearmotor (230 Volt) with steel mechanisms
exempted from maintenance, internally assembled to an aluminium box extruded pre-painted.

All the steel components are subjected at a anticorrosive treatment.
The set of the different parts forms a solid structure as a supporting monoblock, ready to be installed.

  The security mechanic friction makes the automatism safier against any kind of external tampering.
The automatism becomes reversible when manually pushing the shutter
passes a couple of 90 Nm.

In the case where there has to be a long use of the manual move,
loose the friction screws a little bit to let the shutter completely free, is enough.

Perspective S/P


For the movement of the shutter you can use
one of this type of control:

- Control Unit C/C with its automatic fuctioning
(for syncronized windows made of one or two shutters)

The second one allows you to open and close the single
shutter-closer, thanks to an electric control,
all of the automatisms at the same time around the house.
The Control Unit C/C also can be paired with the
receiver “RX2” and his relative remote controller “TX2”.

Control Unit DP1 with an Hold-to-run functionality
(for one or two shutters)

- Hold-to-run double switch
(for one or two shutters)

The system is extremely integrated in the domotic technologies
of the house.

  The electro-lock G/E (provided under request),
increase the resistence of the closure against any attemps
of tampering and also against big gusts of wind.

Hook G/E


Ancellotti automatisms are extremely intagrated in the domotic technologies of the house;

they can also be linked to seamless UPS groups, whenever it was necessary to keep the electric system
active even in case of electricity missed.


Depliant S/P

[ 297 Kb ]

Techical informations about S/P model:

Powered 230 V 50 Hz
Absorption 0,45 A
Couple 42 Nm
Working time for 120 13 sec
Max. couple of irreversibility 90 Nm
Hour service percentage 20 %


33 dB

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